At 98, Bert Berkley Is Still Chasing Those Rainbows on Storied Western Rivers (Anglers Journal) Spring 2022

     Stewed vs. Smothered...a Serious Cajun Cooking Question (Rouse's Magazine) Fall 2021
     The Old Man and the Bayou: a True Tale About My Grandfather (Anglers Journal) Spring 2021

     Cooking Up History: How Bear Lard Changed the Gumbo Roux (Bear Hunting Magazine) Spring 2020

     About Those Five Novels I Wrote on the Train (The Wall Street Journal) March 2020

     California's Wildfires: What's the Solution? (The Wall Street Journal) Nov. 2019

     A Story about My Father and Fishing (Anglers Journal) Fall 2019

     Buy a Train, See the Sights (The Wall Street Journal) Nov. 2019

    Growing up in the Gumbo Belt (Rouse's Magazine) Summer 2019

    Louisiana Fights to Save Its Wetlands (U.S. News & World Report) April 2019

    New Orleans Becomes the Silicon Bayou (U.S. News & World Report) Nov. 2018

    Literally Green Buildings (The Wall Street Journal) June 2018

    Eat Your Lawn! (The Wall Street Journal) Oct. 2018

    Can Nature Help Combat Sea-Level Rise? (U.S. News & World Report) March 2017

    Lovin' Louisiana: A Defense of the Motherland (U.S. News & World Report) April 2017

    The Race to Build a Super Battery (The Wall Street Journal) May 2017

    Why Didn't the Bear Cross the Road? (The Wall Street Journal) June 2017

    One Man's Cancer Fight: Billiards and a Five-Foot Rifle (Bloomberg) Sept. 2014

    How Al Gore Got Romney Rich (Bloomberg) May 2013

    Big Government Republicans Love (Bloomberg) May 2013

    Every Home a Powerhouse: Twilight of the Grid (Businessweek) August 2013

    The Man Who Lost $34 Billion (Businessweek) Oct. 2013

    Nature's Own Hedgefund (Businessweek) May 2012

    The Pork Rind Wars (Businessweek) Sept. 2011

    Trouble in the Cajun Glades: a Disaster Bigger than BP (Bloomberg) August 2010

    The Zydeco Diaspora (The Wall Street Journal)  February 2001





Author's Note*

Regrettably, some of these stories are locked behind paywalls so only headlines and a few paragraphs are visible unless you are a subscriber to The Wall Street Journal or the Bloomberg News service. I post them because they are representative of my rather eclectic interest in a number of subjects: the environment, renewable energy, medicine, food and, sometimes, just a good yarn.--KW